Thanksgiving 2011

                Thanksgiving 2011

    Hugh Abner (Sonny) – November 24

      Well this is the third Thanksgiving in my near retirement mode that I have decided to give it some thought and record it. 

      It is different this year. The key word of it is going to be – [Tradition]. I may not be able to clarify it all but there are reasons to pause and consider tradition on local and national levels. 

      The past two years there seemed to be a budding tradition taking place in my life here at the TOTW. A few friends got together for a meal at Spotos Steak House. The TOTW was new to me but not Spotos for I had been a regular for years at another Spotos down in St. Pete. The friends were new and most entertaining. So it was good but this year it did not happen. The idea of it becoming a tradition did not continue. Hopefully it is just a temporary disconnect. What did happen for some reason is we had a building party get together. Now these too are interesting friends and as is the normal here in this most southern geographic area, I, as a most southern of the group am a distinct minority. But, a building party even composed of friends is not the same for it is an organization. It has elected leaders. Enough said. 

      This year I see other traditional changes. It has been growing like a huge wave for years but now it is most clear: Thanksgiving is absorbed by Christmas. The giant retailers have flowed into the zone where we were able to shut down for a day and gather with friends and family. Now I know some occupations never were able to enjoy such a day. Certain critical work has to go on and even in my field of automotive battery production this day was allowed regretfully. You see, batteries are a weather related thing and winter creates the demand for them so during the Thanksgiving period we were always going 24/7. However, we knew it would all be over by Christmas, so, Christmas time off was our thing. But on this Thanksgiving some retailers are simply staying open today and many others are going to open at mid-night or earlier. 

      Actually I have very mixed feelings about this because what I am implying here with all this is that I regret the change in tradition but at the same time in my personal life I am seeing my invested savings declining in major percentage numbers. These percentages only have a chance to reverse when people spend at the retail level and that will not happen if the store is closed. “One cannot have ones cake and eat it too.” Dam, that truism has always annoyed hell out of me and as Nannette will tell you I play games trying to beat it. 

      Good things are happening. Here at the TOTW we have a much better golf course. Nannette and I continue with joy and only minor health issues. I have two brothers that have always given me bragging topics. I have two sons that have made paths in their lives which are now becoming more and more distinct with clear direction. My TOTW friends are always only a few steps away. 

      Tradition is to be enjoyed when you have it but it is not guaranteed. {P.S. – Nannette and I ate at Spotos last night}.

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