JERUSALEM, THE BIOGRAPHY (What it meant to me.)

Jerusalem_Bio 001 Jerusalem, The Biography

By: Simon Montefiore


I read this book on my Kindle but after finishing I had a strong desire to own it in hardback with all its paper splendor.

Another strong desire I am developing is to produce a timeline chart which will have Jerusalem historical events; political, peaceful, war and religion on one side: maybe on the left. Adjacent to it will be the same sort of information based upon our North America. Maybe not N. America but just my home state of Georgia or maybe just my home town. I like the home town idea even though it is very limited but because after all Jerusalem is only a town and all of us live today in a manner traceable there. Okay! Not if you are a real Easterner because if you are you might be free of any enlightenment or baggage with stems to such a place. But, on the other hand maybe the world is just not old enough for the shadows of the area to reach you. Then again, I recall a time as a child that my Mother would occasionally get letters from China. The letters were written by a childhood friend of hers that had become a Christian Missionary. This would have been right after our Second World War and if you do not accept any of that war as a tie to Jerusalem then surely you can envision a shadow emanating from the religious actions of Christian missions. So, the show is not over. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

                     Hugh Abner (Sonny) – November 22

     My Thanksgiving note of last year was kind of themed around the traditional value which such a day can develop. In our case of the 2011 Thanksgiving we did not have the people but Nannette and I maintained a 3 year tradition by going to the same restaurant. Well, this year the good folks were back in a big way but the restaurant thingy fell by the wayside. Thank goodness for this year was much better: thanks to Loretta and Mario.

     Loretta took it upon herself to do all the fixings and to do it at her place. Now this was much better and the traditional thing continues in a healthy way. Continue reading

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Personally I just accept that us humans are here to explore: as opposed to overbuilding and over populating what we have been given to manage.

In the long run we may place humans on Mars and that will be significant but for what purpose?  The greatest feedback we received from going to the moon was the photograph of our beautiful  and distant Earth as it arose from behind our Moon.

Even today that picture gives us an instant understanding of our fragile domicile. When the photo is observed with deep reflection our squabbles here at home reveal their silliness.

While we wait and prepare for human occupation of Mars and even other solid globes in our galaxy we would not be wasting resources if we do simpler task such as placing photo equipment that would give us constant earth views as seen from those perspectives. The 24/7 opportunities would give us different orientations of ourselves as we assign importance to our basic needs: maybe even the importance of ourselves would be massaged. A return to our Moon to place a simple earth monitoring camera should also be part of the program.

Even if we are alone in the universe we should emphasize that fact until revelations of different knowledge is passed onto to us.




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Daily Prompt: Retreat

via Daily Prompt: Retreat


     My early morning newspaper read never fails to give me thoughts to ponder before the day overtakes with desired and undesired responsibilities. This word – Retreat – stands out when compared against a LETTER TO THE EDITOR which scoffs at those of us that simply do not like Trump and wish deeply there were a way to avoid his undeserving upcoming role.

       This letter writer desires that we quit  -” WHINING” – yet he obviously is part of the group of objectors  led by the senatorial leader that we paid to whine by leading with the mantra – “Our top priority is to make Obama a one term president.” If the purpose of our two party system is to simply oppose the party in power as stated by the senator from Kentucky then not to whine would be an indication that a retreat was underway.

         To retreat at this stage of the battle is totally unacceptable and whining is a tool but it has to be nourished and sharpened in order to strike deep and be reusable for many blows. All whines must be accurate and based upon successful facts. A successful fact cannot be wordy. It has to be more in the order of a bumper sticker so the Red-Hats can comprehend.

            An Example – ROMNEY SPEAKS TRUTH. Romney was 100% truthful when he told us that 47% do not pay taxes. Romney was 100% truthful when he informed us: “Here’s what I know: Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud,” . This is such a good tool. It must be sharpened regularly.




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Passover (2012) An Apology

                                                            Passover 2012

                 (An apology to Alexander: by H. Abner)


       Nannette and I had Michael Abner and Mark Micklow over for Passover last night, Sat. April 7, 2012.

       I should have spent more time reviewing the guidelines of the ceremony and less time in the kitchen. The way the ceremony was led by me  probably was  just what one would expect from a Southern Baptist Christian that until the past few years did not know a yarmulke from a pair of goulashes. I still cannot pronounce most of the names and none of the Yiddish stuff but I think I get the idea of it all. Continue reading

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A Trip Down Under

     No! Not Australia but the Caymans on an Atlantis submarine.

Last man in please shut door!








A couple of port hole views:

A surviving reef.



Yes! You have seen fish before, but, not this one.





    Dry and with air conditioning:

NOTE: At 102 feet. They did take us to 106 feet but no further. The next bottom was 2,600 feet away.

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The Lucky Butterfly

Many evenings when I come home I will make a drink and sit outside as the day passes away. Sometimes there is enough light remaining so that I can read. Recently, even though my intent was to read I could’nt because we had just done the “Fall Back” thing of going away from daylight savings to regular old Eastern Standard Time.

I remained out though because it was cool and comfortable. As mentioned there was poor light and our local bats dominate the airways when we have this kind of condition. At violent speeds somehow they maneuver with rapid directional changes in order as far as I know to feed on mosquitoes. Maybe they feed on more than mosquitoes because what I saw involved a small butterfly. Continue reading

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