The Lucky Butterfly

Many evenings when I come home I will make a drink and sit outside as the day passes away. Sometimes there is enough light remaining so that I can read. Recently, even though my intent was to read I could’nt because we had just done the “Fall Back” thing of going away from daylight savings to regular old Eastern Standard Time.

I remained out though because it was cool and comfortable. As mentioned there was poor light and our local bats dominate the airways when we have this kind of condition. At violent speeds somehow they maneuver with rapid directional changes in order as far as I know to feed on mosquitoes. Maybe they feed on more than mosquitoes because what I saw involved a small butterfly.

It was not the butterfly that is almost as big as your hand but one more the size of a half dollar. It was light in color. If it was not white it was probably yellowish. It had been in a near by bush at my feet level and had decided to fly in a direction away from me. Unlike the bats it was not in a hurry and it was slowly gaining altitude. At a point about five feet above the grass it was knocked sideways and for a loop by one of the bats. Now either the bat does not attempt second efforts or somehow in a slpit second it realized the butterfly was not something it wanted because it swiftly kept on with its original direction and speed.

The butterfly seemed to regain most of its control by the time it had fallen down to a height of about three feet and it too continued in its original direction but obviously struggling. It did not fly with the seemingly ease as before  however somehow the little white spot was moving faster.

At the end of the butterfly’s  path was a small tree with low to the ground limbs. The butterfly had to dip down to get underneath these limbs and as soon as it did this I saw it immediately fly up into the tree’s heavier foliage and disappear. I hopefully assumed to safety for the night.

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