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Nobody knows why Bashar Assad chose to use the chemical weapons this time. It is reported that the actions of the Syrian government of today is heavily controlled by a group of military henchmen but Assad is the point of focus for now.

The timing of it was perfect for our President – Trump. The news of congressman Dunes recusing himself from leading the investigation of the Trump-Russian election tag-team was moved further down in the news as was Senator McConnell’s historical change to the senatorial rules which easily advanced Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Trump, with a sad face explained that all his past beliefs concerning Syria and Assad overstepped many lines and it was his duty to ask our military to press the buttons which released 59 Tomahawk missiles into a Syrian military airport. This morning the world will be able to see pictures of the damage done.

Any damage which Trump has done to himself during his first presidential months though were erased or at least considerably removed. All the news of this weekend will be the making of our new wartime president persona.

Of course, we are not at war, but, the timing for this modest military decision came at the very moment our president was entertaining the leader of the country which will play heavily in any future real war decisions that may be necessary. The Chinese President XI Jinping and his wife were being socially treated at our president’s resort of Mar-a-Lago. Hollywood could not have scripted any of this in a more dramatic way. Mr. XI Jinping will forever be able to explain to his forces how he was right there when such bold action was taken. He was eye to eye with the new man of the times. A man which must be given proper attention.

Our new president begins today with a clean sheet. His bag of lies has a hole in it and he is given a new bag to carry.

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Daily Prompt: Retreat

via Daily Prompt: Retreat


     My early morning newspaper read never fails to give me thoughts to ponder before the day overtakes with desired and undesired responsibilities. This word – Retreat – stands out when compared against a LETTER TO THE EDITOR which scoffs at those of us that simply do not like Trump and wish deeply there were a way to avoid his undeserving upcoming role.

       This letter writer desires that we quit  -” WHINING” – yet he obviously is part of the group of objectors  led by the senatorial leader that we paid to whine by leading with the mantra – “Our top priority is to make Obama a one term president.” If the purpose of our two party system is to simply oppose the party in power as stated by the senator from Kentucky then not to whine would be an indication that a retreat was underway.

         To retreat at this stage of the battle is totally unacceptable and whining is a tool but it has to be nourished and sharpened in order to strike deep and be reusable for many blows. All whines must be accurate and based upon successful facts. A successful fact cannot be wordy. It has to be more in the order of a bumper sticker so the Red-Hats can comprehend.

            An Example – ROMNEY SPEAKS TRUTH. Romney was 100% truthful when he told us that 47% do not pay taxes. Romney was 100% truthful when he informed us: “Here’s what I know: Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud,” . This is such a good tool. It must be sharpened regularly.




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Madison And Jefferson (What it meant to me)

   The Significance of —— 

                        Madison And Jefferson

                                    By Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg

                                            ——-       To Me

 Wow! My Founder’s readings have been as follows:

Miracle at Philadelphia – American Creation – George Washington – Washington A Life – John Adams – Benjamin Franklin – Thomas Paine and then a short jump in time to The Eloquent President.

Now I can add this one and I am going to consider it my “Go To – Founder’s Book”. I say this not because its excellence is greater than the others but simply from the fact that most of our founders interacted with this couple. There is a kind of fruition of all the up front work done by the original leaders of our revolution which became more focused during the presidential lives of these two. In other words our country’s paths to the future began to appear as these two, together and separately, pushed, shoved, explained and pleaded in order to kick our country’s original cans down the road. Some of that last sentence sounds unfair as I re-read but I certainly have no intention of being unfair. Continue reading

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