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Nobody knows why Bashar Assad chose to use the chemical weapons this time. It is reported that the actions of the Syrian government of today is heavily controlled by a group of military henchmen but Assad is the point of focus for now.

The timing of it was perfect for our President – Trump. The news of congressman Dunes recusing himself from leading the investigation of the Trump-Russian election tag-team was moved further down in the news as was Senator McConnell’s historical change to the senatorial rules which easily advanced Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Trump, with a sad face explained that all his past beliefs concerning Syria and Assad overstepped many lines and it was his duty to ask our military to press the buttons which released 59 Tomahawk missiles into a Syrian military airport. This morning the world will be able to see pictures of the damage done.

Any damage which Trump has done to himself during his first presidential months though were erased or at least considerably removed. All the news of this weekend will be the making of our new wartime president persona.

Of course, we are not at war, but, the timing for this modest military decision came at the very moment our president was entertaining the leader of the country which will play heavily in any future real war decisions that may be necessary. The Chinese President XI Jinping and his wife were being socially treated at our president’s resort of Mar-a-Lago. Hollywood could not have scripted any of this in a more dramatic way. Mr. XI Jinping will forever be able to explain to his forces how he was right there when such bold action was taken. He was eye to eye with the new man of the times. A man which must be given proper attention.

Our new president begins today with a clean sheet. His bag of lies has a hole in it and he is given a new bag to carry.

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