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I tend to use this category in order to comment mostly upon something I find filled with ignorance but at the same time it allows me degrees of looseness with my evaluation of it all.

Reasonable Ignorance (Emergency Room Theory)

  • Foreword: Ignorance for my purpose here is mostly used to establish that much ignorance can come from highly intelligent people. That, of course, is what makes it dangerous because many times ignorance is presented by gifted ones in well spoken presentations wrapped in well-organized packages. The following story centers around a typical encounter with some typical well voiced ignorance.
  • Yesterday one of my golf partners was a man likable by all as far as I know. He certainly can entertain with words and he can hold the speaking platform effortlessly.
  • It does not take this partner long to advance with a jab against something on the liberal side of things. Yesterday it began with, ” I see where Obama is taking credit for success in Egypt.” Now I read a lot and I observe much more the visual news opportunities we have today and I have not come across anything of the sort but then I deny myself any intake from the Fox views of things. Continue reading

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