The Templars: (What it meant to me)


{Note: My Significant To Me Series are not book reports. They are simply my thoughts after having read the book}

            The Significance of  ——

                                    The Templars

                                              by Peirs Paul Read 

                                            ——-       To Me

                Whether or not I, or you, are religious and whether or not we lived B.C or A.C our lives have a connection to King Solomon’s temple or something similar. This can be so because the pros and cons of religion connected with the time frame of all human history forms a very broad net.

                I am sure with such a net we will not have a problem discovering our individual connections to the temple but here I restrict myself to just me.

                Some look at it as a waste of thought when I suggest that we as humans have an obligation to wonder and make special efforts to seek out a meaning for this universe we have been made a part of and to do so with the belief that along that road of endeavor we will learn about our purpose.

                Some,(no!), many have a zero interest in whether we have a purpose or not and just as many are satisfied to accept that our purpose is just to live the best we can and let it go. Most of us, me included, have done just that. Here I am taking an opportunity to make a connection between this book, and the concept that mankind has actually been in search of a purpose.

                My simple point of view starts with the accepted knowledge that when we take action either as an individual, as a small group or as a huge organization we first define the purpose for our actions. Yet as an even much huger grouping of all-mankind we are here with – at best – an unknown purpose.  The problem though is that we also are here with capabilities that do not let us totally forget that something seems to be missing. What is missing is that purpose we can all believe in.

                I am not going to give a book review here but I do have to provide enough of a review in order to arrive at my point – (if there is to be one).

                In the Templars we are given in tremendous detail the historical events which describe the many religious crusades that were actions taken by some to regain for Christians the territory lost to Islam and others. An alternate benefit was to acquire much needed wealth. Originally the Knights Templar did not exist but shortly after much of the Holy land was regained there became a need for special protection in order that the visiting pilgrims could travel in the territory under protection. The initial location for these military monks was in Solomon’s Temple – thus the name the Knights of the Temple. Of course during this time period of the 12th to the 14th century their duties and locations were vastly expanded but the temple was always the main focus point.

                Long before the temple was ever created it was a focal point for humans simply because a need for it was somehow felt. Man being the way we are caused the temple to be built and destroyed time and again because standing or in rubble it made a statement.  Over time it became a center not only for one specific group which think alike but by multiple groups which actually are foes of each other. 

                 It is this need that is the key. In this part of the world the temple simply is a visual, solid object which serves as a monument because it provides a representation that a reason for the need has been found.

                In the search for a meaningful purpose the mankind of this area of the world struggled to establish a belief in an invisible God and the temple served as an acknowledgement that all understood this to be so. At one time when the Romans were the administrators of the temple they even adapted it to include and house images of the multiple Gods of their beliefs. Even as diverse as all of this was and is, even with as much hate and turmoil it has caused, this kind of belief has become our purpose and the temples are our visual proofs.

                In other parts of the world back when humans lived isolated there were many other visual and solid monuments constructed for similar God worship beliefs but the basic inner drive is the same —-  we have a need to have a purpose, we have found it and these solid objects are our proof.

                All this continues today. The temple of the Templar’s is still there and continues to be a focus point that serves as a reminder that indeed we have a purpose.

                I wonder. I wonder how much longer we will go on with the tremendous unused abilities which we somehow have been given but apply with only a small measure. The temples of our world are becoming insufficient. Someway, someday, we have another great stride in our development awaiting us. Will we take it in time? The answer probably has to be a yes because otherwise – (Our Purpose)  – becomes too insignificant to accept.              


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