The Fingerprints Of The Gods (What it meant to me)

             The Significance of —— 

                        The Fingerprints Of The Gods 

                                    By Graham Hancock  

                                            ——-       To Me 

           (This is not a book report. It is simply what the book meant to me.)  

            One time after I had read a binge of religious history books such as some by Bruce Feiler and a book by Max Dimont – Jews, God and History, I mentioned to my son Michael that I would like to know something about history before the days of the Bible. He fulfilled my wish by giving me this book as a gift.            During the time which I have been reading the book I have supplemented it by exploring with Google in order to gain more specific information here and there plus throughout the internet it is easy to find criticism of  Mr. Hancock’s reasoning. Also the book was published back in 1995 and it is now 2011 so there has been time for many facts to have been sorted out. The Hapgood ECD or Earth Crust Drift theory is one that comes to mind.

            The plain fact is though that Mr. Hancock thoroughly impressed onto my mind the importance which early man placed upon the visual relationships of the changing locations of celestial items in relationship to our views from here at home. I do not suppose another winter or summer solstice or a spring or fall equinox will come and go without my being attuned to it. Also at those times I will remember their significance as the ancients used them and as Mr. Hancock has used them to date the ancients.

            Trying to imagine why and how the ancients picked, moved and placed with such exactness huge boulders as if they were the simpler concrete construction blocks of today is something all moderns need to be exposed to at least one time. If it is then considered to be uninteresting then that in itself is a source of another kind of amazement.

            If we could just know the answer to “Why” the ancients did these things I would feel we have been treated in a fairer manner than ancient history has treated us. “How” it was done though intrigues simply from the puzzling factor. This is maddening. Please great one let us know someday!

            A contest seems to exist between a faction which is convinced that the great Egyptian pyramids dates to around 2500 B.C. and another faction, (Mr. Hancock’s), which ask justified questions that make 11,000 B.C explainable. With the three Giza complex pyramids having connections to the Orion constellation along with the Nile valley being aligned with the Milky Way only if we map things as they were 13,000 years ago then it gets my attention. Add to that the fact that the huge lion shaped Sphinx would face the constellation – Leo – on the morning of the Vernal Equinox if we back track alignments about 10,000  to 13,000 years.   I can only say – Wow!

            Again I could go on and on here but I am going to stop and simply record some data: numbers about our earth, static and dynamic.

A)     Earth’s Equatorial Circumference = 24,902.45 Miles

B)     With there being 24 hours in our day many of us go through our daily lives at a rotational pace of 1000 miles per hour.

C)     Earth’s Equatorial Radius = 3963.374 Miles

D)    Earth’s Polar Radius = 3949.921 Miles

E)     Earth’s Angle of Obliquity Variation = 2.4 Degrees

F)     Earth’ Present Angle of Obliquity, (2011) = 23.5 Degrees

G)    Earth’s Angle of Obliquity Range = 22.1 Deg to 24.5 Deg.

H)     Total Time of Earth’s Angle of Obliquity Full Range Change = 41,000 Years

I)        Earth’s Cardinal Dates, Northern Hemisphere: Winter Solstice(12/21)(Shortest Day)// Summer Solstice(06/21)(Longest Day) // Spring(Vernal) Equinox(03/20)(Equal Length of Day & Night) // Fall(Autumnal)Equinox(09/22)(Equal Length of Day & Night).

J)      Present North Pole = Ursae Minoris(Polaris)

K)     Present Earth’s Precessional Position = Constellation Pisces

L)      When Will the Precesssional Position be Aquarius? = Appro’x. 3084. Each constellation is of a different size so  the exact time the view leaves one constellation and begins another is only ever approximate. Besides sometimes the exact view is in between constellations.

M)    The Precession Period = 25, 920 years. (On the morning of the Vernal Equinox just before the sun rises but in the spot from which it will rise there will be one of the astronomical constellations in view. At present here in 2011 we are exiting Pisces and next up will be Aquarius. This will go on through a full 360 degrees which allows a view change of all 12 astronomical constellations. This works out to a full change of one single degree every 72 years. Some prefer to reference it by observing that each of the 12 constellations are viewable for 2,160 years).


      It is not difficult to imagine the special interest which would be given by our ancients to the above numbers. They did not have any of the modern interruptions like the electrical gadgets of today which dominate our night life so on clear nights the celestial views were “The Thing”. Now when some of these ancients made the effort to listen to and learn from those which came before them the result was that they could predict when certain celestial events would occur. These few ancients were then held in high esteem.

      It is difficult though to imagine what drove the ancients around our globe to build structures of such massive boulders when those very same construction projects done today would require our most powerful machine tools. If they were structures only for security walls then we would at least know “Why”. I am being repetitive here but the “Why” and “How” of it all boggles the mind of us critters which are either blessed or cursed with the ability to reason.


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  1. Thanks for this! I’ve been searching all over the web for the info.

  2. Great site, though I would love to see some more media! – Great post anyway, Cheers!

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