Reasonable Ignorance (Think quick? Friend or Foe?)

                                                 Reasonable Ignorance 

Foreword:  Often even after much thought most of us arrive at an idea which from a specific point of view fits and makes sense. I strenuously point out here in the beginning that I am as guilty as anyone and any regular readers will know that I include my trips into this kind of folly. For a beginner though I am going to start with a T.V. interview I saw last week, (The week of the tragic Tucson shooting in Arizona). A man expert in the field of public security who I believe has even written a book on the subject was being asked to offer advise as to how we as peaceable assembly proponents could better protect our selves as we continue our democratic way of living in the future. This man was not a “kook”. He spoke and appeared to be a “manly’ type that most of us would accept as a natural leader.  

  • 01/12/2011 
  • Okay in my Foreword I have explained that a man of apparent ability was being asked to advise how we could change our procedures when it comes to protecting ourselves in public gatherings from the “crazies and/or madmen”. In the front part of the interview he was giving substantive comments which convinced me that he had certainly given all this some studied thought. As it has turned out he has written a book on the subject. Then, at the end of the interview he went out on a limb and offered this – 
  •             “The real most positive way for us to protect ourselves is if all of us in the assembly were armed.” 
  •                         Now this is where the thought of “Reasonable Ignorance” began with me. At first it is easy to see the scene where even a madman would not mosey strategically armed into a group of people with the intent of harm if in fact anyone of them could whip out equal armament and either stop any further action or to end it quickly right after the first sense of harm. 
  •                         Then, however, reason sets in. We are speaking here of “crazies and/or madmen”. These types have already faced up to the fact of a shortened period of life for themselves. Reason goes on further and allows us to imagine this kind of a scene where all are armed and then action starts. A round or two are fired and the pop-pop sounds are heard. All began drawing, no one except a couple standing in the immediate area of the bad guy knows who or where the bad guy is and, yes, the bad guy is neutralized. However, maybe, a good guy has a menacing look and as he swirls around with his weapon drawn another good guy cannot in the flash of an instant convince himself that this is just another good guy —– so —— he pops him just to be safe. Then many other good guys have another decision to make in what some would call a “New York Second” —– is this another bad guy or good guy?  What decision would you make?  
  •             Well, actually there was another man in the news of this tragic time that was armed and was on the immediate scene. This man turned out to be of the hero type and he helped restrain the bad guy of this day. This young man too is of the opinion that security is best served with all or most being armed but any which are armed must be of the caliber of intelligence with the mindset he possesses. He had his weapon but he delayed action to use it for he found he could possibly restrain the bad guy physically without the sure action of his firearm. Now this young man deserves the praise he is receiving for the action he took but this young man is full of hubris.  He takes reasonable ignorance beyond the level I ever intended to go here. I can only follow his reasoning by imagining that we become a military society that is constantly at war. {{ I know, we are a society that is constantly at war but we are not a military society but this is would be a subject for another time}}.

             I think I have made my points for this introduction of “Reasonable Ignorance”. Others will follow. In fact I have one on my mind now which is related to this first one and it is one which can all be attributed to me.

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