Reasonable Ignorance (U.S. With 25% Unemployment)

  •  Foreword: This is a  look at Egypt as if we were looking into a special mirror. A mirror which gives an image of what might have been here in the U.S.A.
  • Americans like Beck, Limbaugh, McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, DeMint,Palin, Bachman and without a doubt Gingrich are Americans that would be prominent in our country, or should I say more prominent, if we had not had a stimulus program.
  • Without a stimulus program even Boehner at the early stages of our decline  allowed that we were advancing to a mighty economic decline. The percentage of unemployment of 25% was easily being discussed. This then was a reasonable talking point . A huge decline was possible in all minds. Some of our leading commercial enterprises needed help.
  • If we had not had the stimulus it continues to be reasonable then to see these kinds of Americans leading the charge for the disgruntled to take to the streets in waves with the objective to destroy our new black president. It is reasonable to believe this because since our new black president allowed the stimulus, we today, can observe our economic markets to be growing and these Americans are preaching to us that what we had was a failed stimulus. The ignorance of this comes from the fact that there are Americans which believe this nonsense to the point that they repeat the message among their friends and associates plus they vote using such ignorance as justification to vote against what has worked.
  • Now it just so happens that these kinds of Americans are for the most part members of the Republican Party. Being reasonable allows one – (me) – to accept that not all republicans are liars. There are republicans that are reasonable but in order to remain in good faith with their party they have to publicly seem to go along. It is reasonable then to believe that if we were to reach a point of no return these kinds of republicans would back track and resort to reason.
  • In Egypt today a fair amount of their people who have been displaced economically and who live near a public gathering place in a tremendously large city of the world are demonstrating. They are demonstrating with words of anger and displeasure. We have seen them resort to a level of violence when forced to retaliate with Molotov cocktails and rocks. We have seen them resort back to words when the opposition backed off. They have been reasonable. They reached this point though because of a kind of ignorance that comes from allowing people of power to lie to them.
  • Our mirror would show us to be reacting similarly if we had not had the stimulus. It is reasonable to see an image in our mirror where the words of displeasure are similar to the Egyptian words we hear today.
  • In our mirror of ourselves without the stimulus it is ignorant though to think we would be throwing rocks. We are Americans. We arm our selves just for these kinds of occasions. It is reasonable,then, to see in our mirror a vision of armed Americans putting them to use. Yes, it follows that our military would move against both sides of our demonstrators. Our military or any military cannot standby as simple referees when gun play begins.
  • It is reasonable to know that we Americans will not resort to rock throwing. It is ignorant to think that we can continue for very much longer avoiding the image of our mirror by allowing our leaders to blatantly lie to us. Unfortunately it is worst than this for we have Americans who expect our leaders to generate such lies and praise them for it. Can reason continue to exist alongside such ignorance?

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