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This is a discussion area between me and the part of my family that observe in depth. Most often I lead with a momentary thought and they respond with reason. Others are welcome to join in.

Vitriol (Limited) – (Lets Talk – 01/10/2011)

     There is not a clear and direct connection between the physical attack last Saturday in Arizona and the people like Palin and Bachman.  Please, let’s do not end up a week from now having to offer apologies to these kinds of people and for goodness sake let’s do not let them gain from the tragedy.

     Lamar Alexander has clearly pointed out that our history of such tragedies has a short time limit of prominence and the return to “Business as usual” will be in about a week. He made clear that there was nothing to learn for him and his type from this particular slaughter.

     A part of this major  tragedy inflicting upon all these decent people in Tucson will be just a footnote skirmish in the march toward the next historical event of mammoth proportions of our country. Most major historical events end up in the after-the-fact books of history with recollections of the smaller events which preceded it.

    For now we must set hate aside and yes it is hard to do but these were and are truly decent people destroyed for reasons that are impossible to understand. Letting undeserving people gain from it is not something we owe ourselves. Hopefully now I can live as I preach.

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