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Sometimes others make points that I feel I need to acknowledge.

Lessons Learned From Merlin (Well Said!)

(My original intent was to only use short words of wisdom in this section but this novella is written so perfectly and has meanings which I intend to get around to someday for myself that I just want to keep it close by and to share.)

Lessons Learned From Merlin
Written December 23, 2003

By: Diane Armitage

For the last hour, I’ve been scuffling about my kitchen in my oversized UGG slippers (it’s not a hazard as long as I don’t try the stairs), whipping up a sugar cookie recipe that requires a full pound of Crisco, and wondering how in the world I’m going to write this year’s Christmas novella.

For those of you who’ve been the recipient of said novella for the last – uh – 18 years or so, I’m well aware that last year’s Armitage family Christmas letter was conspicuously missing. I just can’t possibly let you down again, heaven forbid, but HOW do I explain this year’s proceedings?

I’m going to start with an event that occurred today. It’s not meant to be morbid and it IS directly connected to one of the more memorable events of my year, so kindly bear with me. Continue reading

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