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Passover (2012) An Apology

                                                            Passover 2012

                 (An apology to Alexander: by H. Abner)


       Nannette and I had Michael Abner and Mark Micklow over for Passover last night, Sat. April 7, 2012.

       I should have spent more time reviewing the guidelines of the ceremony and less time in the kitchen. The way the ceremony was led by me  probably was  just what one would expect from a Southern Baptist Christian that until the past few years did not know a yarmulke from a pair of goulashes. I still cannot pronounce most of the names and none of the Yiddish stuff but I think I get the idea of it all. Continue reading

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Guns, Germs and Steel (What it meant to me.)

             The Significance of —— 

                        Guns, Germs and Steel

                                    By Jared Diamond 

                                            ——-       To Me


                There is an old saying to designate a prominent point in a given situation. It goes something like, “Where the rubber hit the road”. Mr. Diamond might refer to it as one of those “Proximate” moments of action. With this book which dates back to the mid nineties science has been connected with history in the like manner that “rubber hits the road.” Continue reading

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