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JERUSALEM, THE BIOGRAPHY (What it meant to me.)

Jerusalem_Bio 001 Jerusalem, The Biography

By: Simon Montefiore


I read this book on my Kindle but after finishing I had a strong desire to own it in hardback with all its paper splendor.

Another strong desire I am developing is to produce a timeline chart which will have Jerusalem historical events; political, peaceful, war and religion on one side: maybe on the left. Adjacent to it will be the same sort of information based upon our North America. Maybe not N. America but just my home state of Georgia or maybe just my home town. I like the home town idea even though it is very limited but because after all Jerusalem is only a town and all of us live today in a manner traceable there. Okay! Not if you are a real Easterner because if you are you might be free of any enlightenment or baggage with stems to such a place. But, on the other hand maybe the world is just not old enough for the shadows of the area to reach you. Then again, I recall a time as a child that my Mother would occasionally get letters from China. The letters were written by a childhood friend of hers that had become a Christian Missionary. This would have been right after our Second World War and if you do not accept any of that war as a tie to Jerusalem then surely you can envision a shadow emanating from the religious actions of Christian missions. So, the show is not over. Continue reading

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From Beirut To Jerusalem – (What it meant to me.)

The Significance of —— 

                        From Beirut to Jerusalem 

                                    By Thomas Friedman 

                                            ——-       To Me 

                (Not a Book Report: just what it meant to me.) 

            This book was written some time ago: 1989. One might think it is an excellent report on turbulent matters in human history and then even expect them to be settled and forgotten. That is not exactly the case though.

            Here in 2011 we as a global society have some bothersome questions to be attended to. Are we going to be able to have jobs for a work force which can live a life where at least most can repeat the quote I learned from a Dale Carnegie class – “Today is the best day of my life and tomorrow will be better?” Are we going to have an energy supply that will be available, affordable and secure?

             Along with questions of this magnitude we still have to drag along the question as to when will there be peace in the Middle East. When will the Palestinians have their own state and with it will they use it for their own good or for continued friction with Israel? Will this disagreement over the allotment of a small area of earth really lead in the end to a massive disagreement over an allotment of all the earth among major religious factions? Continue reading

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