Benjamin Franklin (What it meant to me)

             The Significance of ——

                         Benjamin Franklin                                   

                                    By: Walter Isaacson 

                                             ——-      To Me 

 (I have to be repetitive: These are not book reports but simply thoughts which these books bring to mind.) 

            First I have to make a declaration: If there is to be a book which I will read for a second time this is probably it.  

            Dr. Franklin was not perfect. Dr. Franklin did choose to travel the trails that led him to a variety of interest and on most of those trails he added to them. In fact, he may have created a trail or two of his own. Capturing an electric charge bordered on being one of those actions which are described when the words, “just enough knowledge to be dangerous”, are used.

            I am tempted here to copy in some of Dr. Franklin’s quotations but there would be endless decision making for the beginning and ending of it. Besides today his quotations are available to all. I do imagine though that if it is possible he is much resentful he missed out on our inter-net time of life. 

            Now that I am sitting here trying to offer something special which describes some special thought or emotion I have gained from reading this book I feel embarrassed. Not because I am have none but because I do not have any that are worthy to display here about this great man. Mr. Isaacson has documented sufficiently the highs and lows of this American Life.

            I can only state the obvious with that being that two forces came together to make this book possible: the life of Dr. Franklin and the skill of Mr. Isaacson, one being a master of living and the other at being a master of documenting that life.


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