John Adams (What it meant to me)

             The Significance of —— 

                         John Adams                                   

                                    By:  David McCullough 

                                             ——-      To Me


 (I have to be repetitive: These are not book reports but simply thoughts which these books bring to mind.) 

            Actually I am writing this bit on my reading of the John Adams book at some distance from the time I read it. In other words I have read biographies of other founders such as Washington and Franklin Since reading this book.

            For some reason though the story of President Adams strikes me as being of a man that pushed or was it that he was forced to push. Nothing easy like seemed to come his way. In fact if he had not been blessed with having a wife such as Abigail then his life would have bordered on being a regretful one.

            As an attorney he was called upon to put up a very unpopular defense.  As an ambassador he had to work in and around the activities of Franklin who of course sucked the air out of any room he entered and at the same time was not always on target toward accomplishing the goal our country needed which was funds to operate with. Adams had to single handedly take care of this task with his work to gain support from the Dutch. It was not easy work and it just might be that it was the hard working attitude of Ambassador Adams that secured the financing we needed more so than any real investment opportunities the Dutch might have desired.

            As vice president John Adam’s abilities were ignored. This is an awful burden for any capable man. Then when he became president it was again a situation where he entered an enclosure wherein the air had again been removed but this time it had been removed by Washington himself. He did not inherit a fine tuned machine.

            In the beginning here I used the word, (push), in trying to explain Mr. Adams but a better word might be, (struggle).

             The point is though whatever are the reasons which make me think his paths were never easy he and his wife moved through their lives with ability, dedication and unbelievable responsibility.

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