Fairness – (Lets Talk) (12/11/2010)

     A Fair Minded Country???

Last night I watched a T.V. program that was a live enactment. Yes it was a staged event that surely is seen as one of those situations where the opportunity is set up to make it easy to do wrong  – an entrapment.

The slight difference was that here either right, wrong or indifference could occur.

It took place in a public park where many bikers and hikers were moving about. There was a bicycle chained to a public sign.  The first actor to appear was a teenaged white boy. He had tools for cutting the chain. Many passers-by did just that. They walked past as they watched him saw and/or cut on the chain. In fact it was really uneventful. Thr boy was never challenged.

Next up was a teenaged black boy as the actor. Now we had a total different play in motion. Many passers-by became concerned with the proper ownership of the bicycle. especially the middle-aged fatherly type white men. They were full of boisterous comments of negativity to this young black. But it was not just phony white adult men for the players of indignity were of all age groups and sexuality. Calling 911 was a common reaction.

Now let’s go back to the white boy for a minute. Yes, also black women let him continue his possible act of thievery under their later explanation that they would not suspect a white boy to do such an act out in broad daylight.

The final stage was set up with a beautiful white, blond , young female. She obviously was having problems sawing the chain into. No problem! Even men out biking with their spouses went out of their way to either cut the chain and/or lift the sign post out of the ground to release the chain and then cut it so the lady could smile and be on her way.

Now after each enactment the T.V. crews came forward from the underbrush and explained to the passers-by they had just been captured on video and that they had been a part of a sociological experiment. Some requested to have their faces blurred out but really only a few.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see the obvious unfairness within ourselves that we Americans go about with each day. And yes, it is not only here in America. Also it does not take a rocket scientist to know that here in America right today we are participants , (not as actors), in a play with of the same script. It is being performed at our highest level of leadership with our black president and with one of his most ridiculously rated opponents who is nothing but a good-looking white woman.

Our black leader has to present himself to be better than us, certainly better than average, and the ridiculous white woman is only presented because of  her looks.

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